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Bodegas Lorenzo Hernández

DO: Tacoronte-Acentejo
Location: La Victoria de Acentejo

Lorenzo Hernández was born in La Victoria in the year 52 since he was a child he worked the vineyards with his mother and in 1984 he decided to undertake this project without being very clear about where it would go and the purpose of it, he simply disconnected from his work taking refuge in viticulture .
He started working on old vines in the Riquelas area in the municipality of El Sauzal, and at that time he decided to change the cultivation system from low vines to trellis, two years later he started working on Finca el Loro (nowadays it is the farm with the largest extension of the winery 3.5 Ha); This farm also changes the cultivation system but always keeping the old vines.
He introduces improver varieties such as aromatic Malvasia, Moscatel and Castellana but maintains the old vines of Listán Negro, Negramol and Listán Blanco as the base of his farms. He starts making about 2,000 liters of which was sold in bulk, eventually producing about 35,000 liters of traditional red wine.
In 2013 his daughter Fátima Hdez joined the project and they decided to make a change and improve the quality of their wines; It is then that they become part of the DO Tacoronte Acentejo and the commercial brand LoHer is born.
Currently, the family farms work in a respectful way with the environment and produce 14 different wines, all with local varieties with the intention of telling the region through these wines. In 2018, two more farms joined the project, La Perica and San Clemente, worked with Lorenzo's brother, who is part of the project as a winegrower.
The LoHer project is based on making a family tradition more technical without losing the essence of craftsmanship, making wines that represent the grape variety and the area where they come from.

Bodegas Lorenzo Hernández wine offer

LoHer Dry White 21 Grape variety: Aromatic Malvasía and White Listán Tasting: Golden yellow, clean and bright. With fruity and floral aromas of high intensity. Fresh and persistent on the palate.
LoHer Young Red 100% LN Grape variety: 100% Black Listán Tasting: Identify the first variety, aromas of red fruits, balsamic, mineral, fig, characteristic aromas of the varietal, ripe and polished tannic on the palate. Persistent and structured.
LoHer Tradicional Grape variety: 90% Black Listán + 10% Negramoll Tasting: Aromas of red fruits, balsamic characteristic of the Negramol, minerality. On the palate smooth entry, ripe and polished tannins. Persistent and structured.
LoHer Delirio Grape variety: 100% Black Listán Tasting: Aromas of ripe fruit, mineral, saline, smoky notes. Structure in the mouth and persistence.
LoHer Laboreo White Grape variety: 50% White Listán + 50% Aromatic Malvasía Tasting: Aromas of tropical fruits, mineral, saline, floral notes. High acidity marked by Malvasia, structured and persistent on the palate.
LoHer Laboreo Red Grape variety: 60% Black Listán + 10% Negramoll + 30% Black Castellana Tasting: Entry into the mouth marked by a ripe, polished and elegant tannin. Aromas of red fruits, very marked minerality. Wine with structure and persistence. It is recommended to decant or aerate.
LoHer San Clemente White Grape variety: White Baboso, Aromatic Malvasía, White Vijariego and Marmajuelo Tasting: Yellow color with golden reflections, high acidity marked by the white Vojariego and the Malvasia. Very marked floral, mineral and saline aromas. Entry marked by acidity, complex and persistent wine, possibly suitable for aging for several years.
LoHer San Clemente Red Grape variety: 65% Black Listán + 35% Tintilla Tasting: Wine with low layer, high acidity marked by the Tintilla. Roasted, smoked, black fruit and balsamic aromas. Entry marked by acidity, structured and balanced.