Receive a gourmet basket at home in the Canary Islands

Gift Basket “A nice memory”


The perfect present to leave marked in the memory, this gift box is not forgotten.


  • White Wine La suertita listan white (D.O. La Orotava)
  • Blood Sausage Pate Arbelyal (Asturias)
  • Agromar scallop pate (Asturias)
  • Meringues Mimila (La Gomera)
  • Artisanal semi-cured goat cheese with basil Valdiro (Fuerteventura)
  • Dehydrated chocolate banana
  • Peanuts with caramelized Selectos (Gran Canaria)
  • Craft beer Bermeja style Blond ale Malpeis (Malpeis)
  • Country Peaks Casa Abad
  • Pasta musician Pastry Diaz (La Laguna)
  • Craft beer Chiripa Chutney style India pale ale (La Laguna)
  • Craft beer Ronnie biggs Chutney style brown ale (La Laguna)

If any of the products is not available, it will be replaced by another of equal or greater value.