Receive a gourmet basket at home in the Canary Islands

Gift Basket “Beer & Wine for you”


Don’t know what to give to that special person?

We present our “Beer & Wine Gift Basket for you”.


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Teide Oleo Teide (Cumbres de Abona) 500ml from Tenerife
  • Craft Beer Rofe Bock style (Malpeis) from Lanzarote
  • Willie Sutton Craft Beer American Pale Ale style (Chutney) from Tenerife
  • Craft Beer Vincenzo Peruggia Golden Ale style (Chutney) from Tenerife
  • Mar de Lava Young Red (Listán Negro/ Syrah/Cabernet) Bodega Laja Blanca de Tenerife
  • Acorn cured meat mix 5Jotas 100gr Jabugo
  • Small sardines in olive oil (La Brújula) Galicia
  • Semi-cured Artisan Cheese with basil 0.500gr (Felipa Artisan Cheese Shop) Fuerteventura
  • Artisan Almogrote La Reina (La Laguna)
  • Gourmet bread wafer Obando (Seville)
  • Sheets of bread Obando (Seville)
  • Wild boar pâté Arbelyal (Asturias)

If any of the products is not available, it will be replaced by another of equal or greater value