Receive a gourmet basket at home in the Canary Islands

Gift Basket “To the Beach”


The products that cannot be missing to have a good time on the beach.


  • Dehydrated banana with Canarian chocolate Naturjube 100g (San Juan de la Rambla)
  • Black Belgian artisan chocolate tablet with pistachio and red berries Benush (SC Tenerife)
  • Artisan oil biscuits Mimila (La Gomera)
  • Craft beer jable blond ale style by Malpeis (Malpeis)
  • Craft beer by Jeito Crean Ale style (Los Realejos)
  • Felipa artisan goat cheese in olive oil and cayenne (Fuerteventura)

If any of the products is not available, it will be replaced by another of equal or greater value.