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Bodegas Viña Estévez

DO: Tacoronte-Acentejo
Location: La Victoria de Acentejo

The Viña Estévez Winery is located in the municipality of La Victoria de Acentejo, a place with a mildly warm climate and volcanic soil that provides a unique environment for growing the grape. Founded in 1992, this winery has become a benchmark in the production of high-quality wines on the island.
The winery has modern facilities and a team of professionals who are passionate about the world of wine. The grapes are grown in their own vineyards and carefully selected, giving rise to wines with a unique character and a great balance between acidity and sweetness.
Among the wines they produce are "Viña Estévez Baboso Negro", a red wine with great aromatic complexity and an intense and persistent flavor; and the "Viña Estévez Blanco", a fresh and balanced wine with citrus notes and a fruity finish. In addition, they also produce high-quality wines such as “Viña Estévez Vijariego Negro” and “Viña Estévez Tinto Barrica”.
The Viña Estévez Winery is an ideal place for those who want to learn more about the world of wine and taste some of the best wines from Tenerife. They offer guided tours of the facilities and tastings with a wide variety of wines to choose from.
In short, the Viña Estévez Winery is an excellent option for those looking for high-quality wines produced in a unique environment. Its professional team and its dedication to the production of quality wines make this winery a benchmark on the island of Tenerife.

Bodegas Viña Estévez wine offer

Red Barrel Viña Estévez Grape variety: 60% Black Baboso, 20% Black Vijariego and 20% Black Listán Tasting: Medium upper layer with bright cherry tones and violet rims. Primary varietal aromas of ripe fruit from the strawberry range, and creamy oak. Tasty, fruitful, toasted, structured and round, with a good skeleton of ripe tannins, with a pleasant sensation of ripe fruit and a long, smooth finish.
Black Baboso Viña Estévez Grape variety: 100% Black Baboso Tasting: It is clean and bright with cherry tones, a medium-high layer and a violet rim. It is a wine of medium-high intensity. At first it has an aroma of violets, immediately the aromas of forest fruit jam emerge, specifically blueberry, we can also observe balsamic and spicy aromas. The fruit comes out again in the mouth, it is a well-structured and full-bodied wine, it stands out in soft and sweet tannins, we can also observe mineral notes typical of our volcanic soil. The finish is long and makes you want to continue drinking.
Black Vijariego Viña Estévez Grape variety: 100% Black Vijariego Tasting: Medium high layer, clean and bright, cherry color. It is a wine of medium-high intensity. That unfolds immediately after shaking the glass, with a deliciously complex aroma with a predominance of stewed black fruits, sweet spices such as cinnamon and a certain floral background with a mineral component classic to wines from the area, ending with traces of fine wood perfectly integrated into the rest. In the mouth it behaves at the level of the nose, with a homogeneous activation on the tongue and palate, soft and sweet tannins, full-bodied but silky touch and acceptably long and with an acceptable permanence.



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